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Dec 31, 2012


Welcome to My Orchid Homepage

I started my orchid collection after buying two orchids during a trip to Hawaii in 2000. I picked up a few more orchids after my trip, but it wasn’t until 2004 when I really started to raise orchids seriously.

During a visit with my good friends (Joan & Rudy) in Pacifica, CA, I discovered that Rudy was a serious collector of orchid and he graciously gave me a shipping box full of orchids. That was all it took.

At one point in the last nine years I managed to collect at least 65 plants. Recently I’ve reduced that number to a more manageable number ... 30 orchids.

Today I raise all my orchids spread out between three rooms on the south side of my home, the kitchen and two bedrooms. Who knows, one day before I die, I’ll be able to afford a greenhouse.

I hope you enjoy my site.


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